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Run a Ranorex test suite.

solution, solution_file and project are mandatory parameters. The test_suite and the test_container are optional parameters. However the test_container parameter requires a test_suite parameter. The extra_options parameter is optional and injected as is in the command line execution.

If the action is used more than once in a job, it is up to the caller to ensure no previous test execution results remains before executing a new test.

It is also up to the caller to attach the relevant reports so that publishers can do their job too, by using the actions/get-files@v1 action or some other means.


- uses: ranorex/ranorex@v1
    solution: my\ranorex\solution
    solution_file: solution.sln
    project: name
    test_suite: name
    test_container: name
      name1: value1
      name2: value2
      name1: value1
      name2: value2
    extra_options: value


  • solution (required)

    The path to the solution to execute.

  • solution_file (required)

    The name of the solution's .sln file.

  • project (required)

    The name of the project to execute.

  • test_suite (optional)

    The name of the test suite to execute, without its .rxtst extension (/ts:YourTestSuite.rxtst option).

  • test_container (optional)

    The name of the test container to execute (/tc:YourTestContainer option).

  • global_params (optional)

    Parameters to be passed as global parameters to the executed project (/pa:YourGlobalKey=YourGlobalValue option for each parameter you filled).

  • test_container_params (optional)

    Parameters to be passed to the executed test container, if a test container has been specified. Will be ignored if no test_container param is provided (/tcpa:YourTestContainer:YourContainerKey=YourContainerValue option for each parameter you filled).

  • extra_options (optional)

    Extra parameters to be passed to the executed project (free form).

    For a list of availables parameters, see the Ranorex documentation.


An 'execute' action for use by generators.

execute actions have a mandatory test input.

The first three arguments (separated by #) in the test input are mandatory, the last one is optional.


- uses: ranorex/execute@v1
        test: my/ranorex/solution/solution.sln#project#testSuite#testContainer


  • test (required)

    The path to the project's .sln file, followed by the project name, then the test suite name, then the test container name. All parts must be separated by '#'.


A 'params' action for use by generators.

params actions have mandatory data and format inputs.


- uses: ranorex/params@v1
        key1: value1
        key2: value2
        key1: value3
        key3: value4
    format: format

format must so far be SQUASHTM_FORMAT (

data can have two keys:

  • global for defining global parameters
  • test for defining test parameters


  • data (required)

    the data to use for the automated test

  • format (required)

    the format to use for the automated test data

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