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Squash Orchestrator 3.5.0 Release Note


Squash Orchestrator is a set of micro-services to perform automated test execution workflows described in a specific format.

This release note describes the changes of Squash Orchestrator version 3.5.0 compared to 3.4.0.

Squash Orchestrator 3.5.0 was released on June 17, 2022.

New features

  • Issue orchestrator #82 restrict visibility
    The orchestrator now support namespaces.

  • Issue orchestrator #145 Add a log collector service
    The orchestrator logs are now transferred in Squash TM as a log file. This one is accessible among the execution (Surefire, HTML, Allure…) reports.

  • Issue orchestrator #120 Allow for retrieval of know--to the orchestrator--agents and execution environments
    The new GET {host}:24368/channels endpoint, can be used to retrieve the list of all execution environments (both the ones accessed via ssh or via the agent).

  • Issue orchestrator #110 Create an actions/create-archive action
    The new actions/create-archive action can be used to generate tar or tar.gz files.

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